Almost 5 years for my dentures from Joe ... no problems - Tom Harada
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Natural life-like dentures at an affordable price!

  In the state of Oregon a person can go directly to a "denturist" and have dentures made. Up till 1978 a person's dentist was the only source to getting dentures. The dentist would do the preliminary work such as bite registration and taking impressions. This information was relayed to a dental technician who made the dentures at his dental lab. After the product was made it was sent back to the dentist where it was installed and fitted into the patient's mouth. Because of this information and product transfer dentures where much more expensive. Oregon changed these rules and made it possible for a person to go directly to a licensed denturist.
    For Oregon residents with a limited income to spend on medical and dental costs this rule change made it possible for many to put on that smiley face!

    Most of the people coming to see a denturist will be older and sometimes of limited income. Joe Quigley gives senior discounts and free evaluations to all people who come to his clinic. One of Eugene Denture Clinic's goal is to provide the highest quality dentures and partials at the lowest cost. Low cost does not mean cheap. Your dentures will be made with the highest quality acrylic resulting in a long lasting product. Along with quality and low cost our next goal is customer satisfaction. We want you to be comfortable and confident with your new dentures so you can keep smiling!
    Affordable full dentures, partial dentures, relines, repairs, free evaluations, senior discounts, highest quality acrylic, customer satisfaction ... is this what you are looking for? Come see Joe at Eugene Denture Clinic ... 74 E. 18th Ave. Suite 6. 541-484-5677
Hours are Monday through Thursday 9 - 5 .
Updated November 23, 2016